Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Resuscitating the Comatose

Well, my foray into world of bloging didn't have a great fanfare but I didn't expect it to die down so soon. Here is my attempt at Blogging version 2 and I intend to keep it up.


AppsFusion said...

Legend never die. You are Guru. Once your fans know that you started blogging then they will start visiting. I am one of your lakhs of fans.I am going to add your blog link into my blog.


Yasir said...

In your book oracle 11G RMAN recipes,page 205,recipe 7-16,under excluding tablespace from backup,I can exclude the tablspace.
Lets suppose i backup this tablespace separately. If this tablespace suffers media failure then how would this tablespace would be recovered as controlfile has no information about it.

RMAN>configure exclude for tablespace users;
RMAN>backup database;
RMAN>backup tablespace users;

Yasir Hashmi