Sunday, September 28, 2008

OOW'08 : Real Life Best Practices for DBAs

Once more, it was a full session with 278 attendees and 251 waitlisted due to lack of space! I wish the organizers simply moved to a bigger room. Oh, well!

For those who attended, I truly wish to express my gratitude. As a speaker, I feel honored when people choose to attend my session over others. I wish you found something useful here.

If you haven't already downloaded it from Open World site, here is the presentation:

Here is the abstract:

This session covers best practices for excelling at being a DBA in the field from someone who has been managing Oracle Database instances for 14 years; was named the DBA of the Year in 2003; and has been through it all, from modeling to performance tuning, disaster recovery, security, and beyond. Best practices should be justifiable and situation-aware, not just because someone said they were good. Hear several tips and tricks for surviving and succeeding in the part art/part wizardry of database administration. The session covers Oracle 11g.

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