Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New York Oracle User Group Fall Conference Materials

Thank you all who attended my sessions at NYOUG Fall Conference this morning. I appreciate spending you most precious commodity - your time - with me. I sincerely hope you found both the presentations enlightening as well as entertaining.

Please see the details of the sessions below along with the download links.

Keynote: Oracle 12c Gee Whiz Features

Yet another Oracle version is out and so are about 1500 new features in a variety of areas. Some are well marketed (e.g. pluggable database or the multitenant option) and some shine by their sheer usefulness. And there are some that do not get a whole lot of coverage but are are hidden gems. In this session you learned 12 broad areas of Oracle Database 12c I feel are worth learning about to make your job as a DBA or developer better, easier, smoother and, in some cases, even make it possible what was hitherto impossible or impractical.

Download slides here and scripts here.

Big Data for Oracle DBAs

Have you ever considered the impact of Big Data on your career as database professionals? Or do you feel frustrated by the lack of a coherent set of explanations of various concepts like Hadoop, Hive, HDFS and Pig Latin - the essential vocabulary of  Big Data? If you did, then session was for you. In this, I explained the various concepts of Big Data - Hadoop, Hive, HDFS, etc. and explained how they relate to and contrast with modern relational database concepts.

Download the slides here.

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