Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sangam 13 Presentations and Scripts

Thank you all those who attended my sessions at Sangam13 -- the annual conference of All India Oracle User Group in Hyderabad. I saw many who attended all seven sessions of mine, including the super hot (literally) one for Big Data in a small room. Audience like this makes the day for any speaker; I am no exception. Your support was very much appreciated.

Here are the presentations and all the scripts for download. All presentations are in PDF format and all scripts are in a zipped file.

  1. Multitenant Databases Presentation | Scripts
  2. Partitioning Tips and Tricks Presentation | Scripts
  3. Statistics Gathering Tips and Tricks Presentation | Scripts
  4. Beginning Performance Tuning Presentations | Scripts
  5. Big Data Demystified Presentation
  6. Oracle 12c New Features for Developers Presentations | Scripts
  7. PL/SQL in Oracle 12c Presentation | Scripts

As always, I will highly appreciate of you could please send me any feedback on the sessions you have attended.

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