Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Small World at Oracle Open World 2014

Here is y speaking schedule at Oracle Open World #oow14. I have a whopping 6 sessions and one SIG. Don't have analyst meeting for a change. Yes, do have a customer reference.

1    1.       Sunday Sep 28th 11:00 Demystifying Cache Buffer Chains. Moscone South 309
2.       Monday Sep 29th 13:30 Understanding Cache Fusion Moscone North 130
3.       Tuesday Sep 30th 15:00 Exadata SIG Moscone South 208
4.       Tuesday Sep 30th 16:00 SQL Tuning Without Trying Moscone South 104
5.       Thursday Oct 2nd 9:30 RAC'ifyng Multitenant Moscone South 102
6.       Thursday Oct 2nd 13:15 Art and Craft of Tracing Moscone North 131
7.       Thursday Oct 2nd 14:30 Near Zero Downtime Migration, Intercontinental Grand Ballroom B

I hope to meet and say hello to many of you at one of these. if you can't make it. the preso, scripts and [possibly] whitepapers will be posted on my blog after the event. But, of course, do come. Looking forward to meeting you there.

And there will be tons of sessions I must attend, at #oow14 and Oak Table World.