Tuesday, July 31, 2007

RAT in 11g Replacing QA Team?

We are in the process of moving to a different hardware and cluster technology and the quesiton on everyone's mind is: will it perform.

Good question. The QA team has been helping us in definign some QA. Then, one day, the manager of the QA team sees my interview on eWeek: and sends me a quizzical email: "so, you think my team has outlived its useful life?" or words to that effect. and he also wants to know how RAT really is.

Here is my response:

It’s really, really cool! It does not replace what you are doing for [the current buisness project] or for that matter any future development efforts. It does however help in situations like the data center migrations as we are doing now where we can capture the workload from [primary site] and replay every piece in [new site] to see if the hardware and design keeps up or crumbles. Currently we don’t do that for a variety of reasons – the enormous time requirement to create synthetic transactions for [third party tool] being the primary one. RAT will alleviate that and make that testing possible and realistic.

So, your team’s job is more value added; not replaced.

He may have accepted it with a grumble.


bino said...

I believe the control file and datafiles will copy with the rman duplicate command. If not please let me know. I am configuring a standby DB and it is taking a long time to copy the datafiles. DB size is 12 GB. I have waited for more than 3 hours and it wasn't copied system datafile with 2GB size. It is a production database and I can't shutdown it for a long time. Can we take full RMAN backup of datafiles and restore it in the standby. Expecting quick response. Thanks in advance.


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Edward said...

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