Sunday, September 28, 2008

OOW'08 Oracle 11g New Features for DBAs

It was my second session at Open World this year. It was full with 332 attendees with a whopping 277 attendees on wait list! the room capacity was 397. Of course, the room did have some fragmentation and not everyone could make it.

Here is the abstract:

There is a world outside the glittering marketing glitz surrounding Oracle 11g. In this session, a DBA and author of the popular 11g New Features series on OTN covers features that stand out in the real world and make your job easier, your actions more efficient and resilient, and so on. Learn the new features with working examples: how to use Database Replay and SQL Performance Analyzer to accurately predict the effect of changes and Recovery Manager (RMAN) Data Recovery Advisor to catch errors and corruption so new stats won't cause issues.

Thank you very much for those who decided to attend. I hope you found it useful. Here is the presentation. You can download it from the Open World site too. Please note, the companion site to see al working examples and a more detailed coverage is still my Oracle 11g New Features Series on Oracle Technology Network.


Marco Gralike said...


Question: can output slide 35 be created via SQL or utl sql script?



Arup Nanda said...

Do you mean the "Evolve SQL Plan Baseline" feature that shows the report of improvement? If so, then yes, there is an SQL interface as well. The package DBMS_SPM has a procedure EVOLVE_SQL_PLAN_BASELINE, which returns the report as a CLOB, which you can display in SQL*Plus interface.

ranjani said...

i am new to oracle dba... am fresher also , i have some doubts in oracle dba ... i was working oracle 9i dba in windows os but i wan learn in linux .. send some link to me plzzzzzzzzzzz

Pradeepan said...


I referred your article on 11g NF for DBA & i have a doubt on ASM compatibility.
Oracle Storage Admin guide (11g R2) says "For example, if the Oracle ASM compatibility setting is
11.2, *****, then the Oracle ASM software version must be at least 11.2"

But from your article what i can see is it is meant for the Minimum Database version to support on that disk group"

Appreciate your comments


Arup Nanda said...

@Pradeepan - I'm not sure I understand. Both the article and the manual are correct but talk about different things. The article refers to what ASM features are available because of compatibility parameter. The manual talks about something different - what would be requirement for the compatibility. for instance you can't use the ASM software included in Oracle 10g but set the compatibility to 11.2. To have the compatibility set to 11.2, you have to use the software 11.2 - that's all the manual entry says.

Pradeepan said...


Now i got it. Thanks a lot. Just preparing for the upgrade exam


Ram Niwas said...

Nice tutorial. Thanks for sharing the valuable information.. Oracle DBA Training

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