Thursday, October 15, 2009

OOW09 Session# 3

I just finished the third of my four presentations - SQL Plan Management. Considering it was at 9 AM on the last day of the conference, right after the big Aerosmith concert, I was expecting a lot less crowd. But, to my pleasant surprise about 150 brave souls turned up. Thank you all. I hope you found it useful.

Here is the presentation material. While you are there, feel free to browse around. And, of course, I will highly appreciate if you could send me your comments, either here or via email - whatever you are comfortable with.


David Mann said...

Thanks for sharing, this was a great introduction to SQL Plan Management.

Sara Reid said...

As I’ve done my presentation this morning, I’m free for the rest of the day and I stopped by OTN Lounge where the cool stuff is almost ready to go — final tweaks and preparation before 4 days of rocking.

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