Friday, November 12, 2010

My Oracle New Features Series on OTN

Some people have emailed me that they can't find my Oracle 11g New Features for DBAs and Developers on Oracle Technology Network anymore.

OTN has apparently done some cleanup, defragmentation and coalescing and as a result a lot of URLs have moved around, including those for articles of mine. The new URL for my Oracle 11g NF series is

Just in case you are looking for my Oracle 10g New Features for DBAs and Developers series (including the 10gR2 addendum), here it is

While on the subject of changed URLs, in case you are wondering about my other series on OTN - Project Lockdown - that is a four part series on Oracle Security, here it is

Hope you find them useful.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the updated URLs, Arup. This is extremely helpful to us!

Johnson Jon said...

Arup, I was installing the oracle grid on stand alone server and was having issues starting databases if the grid software was owned and installed by grid user and Oracle database software owned by oracle user.

This works fine when oracle user owns and installs both grid and database.

I see that in your example of "New features" you are using only one user Oracle. I was wondering why even though oracle recomends separating them.

Arup Nanda said...

@class-of-1983 This was just to keep it simple. Oracle recommends (and so do I) to keep the users separate because of security. The Grid Infrastructure admin takes care of ASM, which may be considered a storage/sys admin type function. A normal DBA may not be allowed into that. If you have a common userid, that separation is not possible. Hence it is advisable to have different userid.

Even if you don't plan to have separate groups managing the different parts, you may still want to have different IDs because it allows you to have the separation later.

Max Fitzgerald said...

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Anonymous said...

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