Sunday, October 02, 2011

OOW11 Presentation: Exadata for Oracle DBAs

Thank you very much for attending my session "Exadata for Oracle DBAs" at #OOW11 (Oracle Open World), 2011. Here are the links to I mentioned in the presentation:

5-part Linux Commands article series
4-part Exadata Command Reference article series

You can download the Powerpoint show here (please don't click. Right click and download it to watch)

Update: If you have downloaded the slides earlier, please redownload. I corrected a small inaccuracy - the compression is handled by compute nodes; decompression can be offloaded to the cells. Thanks to Greg Rahn for pointing it out.

Of course, please remember that your feedback - good or bad - is always valued.


Florin said...

Hi Arup,
Very nice presentation, I'm already looking forward to your Thursday "Exadata migration" :-)
Just a small issue, the presentation cannot be saved or opened, it's a link to an html.

Thank you again,
Florin M

Arup Nanda said...

@Florin Thank you for your kind compliments. I am glad you liked it.

About the link, it's not an HTML link but a powerpoint show (.ppsx). Please don't click on the link. Right click on the link and use "Save As" to save it to your hard drive and then open it.

Hope this helps.

Florin said...

Got it, thank you!