Sunday, September 30, 2012

OOW12: Beginning Performance Tuning

Thank you very much for coming to my session "Beginning Performance Tuning" on the #IOUG track at #OOW12 Oracle Open World 2012. It makes the day for any speaker to see the room filled to capacity even at 9 AM on a Sunday morning. Much, much appreciated.

Here are the slides and the scripts I used in the demos. Please feel free to reuse the slides and scripts for for any purpose. All I ask is to give due credit to me. I imply no warranty and support for the materials. Use your discretion while using.


Unknown said...

it was a very educational session you presented today. great job and thank you for everything.

Desire Ndamko from Maersk Line Limited in Norfolk, VA

Veer said...

Thanks a lot. It was very educational. Great Job

Bill S. said...

Thanks a lot for this great session. Lots of good info and examples. I realized later in the day that I set my expectations pretty high for the rest of the sessions after attending this one as my first OpenWorld session (they didn't all measure up).

HardikShah said...

Hi Arup,

Thanks for sharing the info with the community. I think, you are doing great. I have one question for you, where do I get recording of your sessions ? Do you have any link from where I can view them ?


Mohamed Houri said...

You said that information are held into V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY for
30 minutes. How did you figure out those 30 minutes?

V$ACTIVE_SESSION_HISTORY, when it is filled up resides, on the buffer pool (or buffer cache) and hence it is strongly related to the size of the buffer cache and the load activity on it.

Best regards
Mohamed Houri

Unknown said...

Felicitari pentru blog.

Simple sau tunate masinile sunt o nevoie. Cu ceva ani in urma earau un moft.
Masinile sunt bijuterii ale barbatilor. Femeile cumpara bratari, cercei de milioane de lei, noi barbati ne delectam cu ceva piese, leduri si alte nimicuri.

Mult noroc in toate.

Ram Niwas said...

Really a good post, thanks for sharing .keep it up.

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amulet88 said...