Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RAC Perf Tuning Seminar in Istanbul, Turkey

For those who attended my 2-day training event in Istanbul, I wish to express my sincere thanks for the participation. For me, or any speaker, the privilege of having your attention for 2 days away from your work and family, means a lot. Some folks came all the way from Ankara and had to go back to work the following day. I hope you all got to learn something worthwhile your time.

The scripts are located in: The password and userid is the ones I gave you in the class.

I also want to reiterate my earlier request to send me your detailed and honest feedback at You may want to write it in Turkish, if that is more convenient. The important thing is to provide the feedback; I can always translate using Google.

Thanks, Hande and Madalina from Oracle University for arranging it. Much appreciated. Now I am off to Estonia.


Coskan Gundogar said...

If I were you I wont trust google translate for Turkish, it can bring interesting results most of the time :)

Unknown said...

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Sara Reid said...

This seminar starts with the introduction of RAC and Grid computing concepts and the benefits of using them. Participants then discuss the RAC architecture, steps involved in installing Oracle RAC 11g, and installing ASM. This seminar also covers how to tune RAC and the services that are available in RAC.

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Srikanth said...

Hi Arup,

I am not able to access the link,it is prompting for username and password.Could you please suggest me.


Taylor said...

Good job you are going very well thanks keep it up.