Thursday, October 15, 2009

OOW09 Session#4 DBA 11g New Features

For all those who came to my last of my four sessions - 11g New Features for DBAs - I appreciate your taking the time. It was a pleasant surprise to see about 500 people showing up at a lunch time slot on the last day of the conference.

Here is the presentation link. I hope you enjoyed the session and found it useful.


Pratik said...

I need your help as I am not able to locate content which you post on OTN.

This will redirect me to:

And I am not able to find out your articles from here...

Arup Nanda said...

Sorry for those who couldn't find the OTN Article series. OTN recently moved the location. Here is the new URL

Brent said...

Otn articles help in different situation and confusion i have some confusion and don't understand but otn article helped me thanks for nice suggestion i m thankful to you.