Sunday, October 11, 2009

OOW09 - RAC Performance Tuning

For all those who came to my session - many, many thanks. There is no better sight for a presenter than to see a roomful of attendees, especially with people standing near the walls. The fire marshal was not amused probably; but I was grateful. The harrowing incident of a blue screen of death on my PC - not just once but twice - just before the presentation was about to start was enough to throw me into a panic mode; but the third time was a charm. It worked. Phew!

You can download the presentation here. And while you are there, look around and download some more of my sessions as well.

Thanks a lot once again. I'm off the keynote now.


Sara Reid said...

I’ve also managed to visit Oracle headquarters on Thursday and meet with few Oracle Enterprise Manager product managers as well as said hello to some of the “Russian mafia” at Oracle HQ. It’s always a pleasure to finally meet people face-to-face after knowing them online for a while.

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jackson said...

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