Sunday, October 11, 2009

Open World 09 Starts

Oracle Open World 2009 has officially started with the User Group sessions today. I am presenting a session today. I started off by registering and getting my cool Blogger badge holder, hanging off the even cooler ACE Director lanyard.

I went off to the first session of today on the IOUG bucket - Workload Management by Alex Gorbachev. Alex is one of those people who know their stuff; so there is always something to be learned from there. Alex successfully demonstrated the difference between Connection Load Balancing and Server Side Listener Load Balancing, with pmon trace to show how the sessions are balanced. It sheds light on the question - why Oracle is not balancing the workload.

If you didn't attend this, you should definitely download the presentation and check it out later.


Anonymous said...

Hi.. Where can I download Alex's presentation material? Could u let me know the link?

Unknown said...

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