Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Put External Procedures on a Different Listener

As a best practice, I recommend placing external procedures, if you use them, on a different listener.ora file. Why so?

External Procedures are actually O/S level programs executed by the listener, as the user "oracle" (or whatever the username for Oracle software is).

Let me repeat that: external procs allow database sessions to execute O/S level programs with the privilege level of the Oracle user! Do you see a problem here? Since the programs run as "oracle", they can do anything the user can do at the command line: "ls -l", "rm listener.log", or even "rm datafiles". Do you want that? Of course not.

Unfortunately there are several vulnerabilities that exist which exploit this particular feature. the CPU patches address some of them; but the bad guys respond by exposing even more holes. In this cat and mouse game, the best thing, in my opinion, is to reduce or even eliminate the possibility if feasible. If you don't use external procs (most people don't), why put them on the listener.ora file? Unfortunately the default config puts the external procs; so you should remove them and you can do that easily.

If you must use external procs, then I suggest using a different listener for that. Doing so allows you to shutdown that functionality while allowing normal database connectivity. If you perceive an imminent threat, you can take evasive action by shutting down the ext proc listener. You can't do that if the external jobs are on the same listener.

Again, consider this: what is the harm is doing that? Nothing. and what is the benefit? I just showed you, however small that may be. So, if you lost nothing and potentially gain something, why not do it?

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