Friday, December 03, 2010

Exadata on Cloud

I just saw this from Oracle Newsflash. Oracle Launches Exadata On Demand for High-Performance Computing.

This is very exciting. Of course the details are little at this time. But when the model matures, it allows us to play with the technology without investing a whole lot in in. A pet peeve of mine about Exadata was that it was a hardware; not a software. Unlike other Oracle products, I couldn't just download it and test the features. The limitation is huge. My role in my organization is to develop roadmaps and champion technological innovations. But without getting hands dirty, it comes to a pure paper excercise, which is not something I ever do.

With this, I am sure a lot of folks will now be able to validate their current systems against the Exadata platforms, making it easier and more prudent for them to champion it within their sphere of influence.
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